The Roman Domus is a small and precious excavation environment that allows you to discover the most ancient stages of the history of Asti by visiting the remains of a patrician dwelling from the 1st century AD.
The foundation of Hasta can be traced back to 125-123 BC and is part of the land distribution program of Tiberius and Caius Gracchus. The geographical position favorable to trade and the quality of its products (cups, amphorae and bricks) made Hasta a populous and lively center.
The Domus stood about 80 m north of the western city gate (Red Tower) next to one end of the decumanus (Corso Alfieri), in the residential district in the north-west part of the city .
Of particular note is the mosaic floor that decorated the triclinium, the area destined for conviviality. The mosaic, with a white background and the insertion of colored marble tiles, was made with the opus tesselatum and opus sectile technique and is enriched with fish and ivy twigs figures, bordered by white and black tiles.