The palace is a prestigious historic building that testifies to the affirmation of the Mazzetti family in the social context of the city as a result of its activity of the mint and with careful real estate purchases.
Built on pre-existing medieval buildings and renovated by the architect Benedetto Alfieri in 1751, the building was restored to the city in 2009 with a renewed layout of the collections and of the spaces.

Palazzo Mazzetti is the City art gallery of Asti.
Going through the building, from the archaeological site to the top floor, you will discover the history of art of our city.

The baroque halls of the noble floor, home of the Mazzetti family, host works from the 16th to the 19th centuries, including some masterpieces such as the paintings of Valerio Castello and Giacomo Grosso. Especially noteworthy are the oriental collections and the one of a kind collection of wood and ivory microsculptures by Giuseppe Maria Bonzanigo.

On the second floor you can admire the painting and sculpture collections of the 19th and 20th centuries, including the portraits of Michelangelo Pittatore, who used to paint the main celebrities of the post italian unification bourgeoisie of Asti.